Relicense modelines.xml to MIT license

Authored by dhaumann on Aug 14 2018, 10:13 AM.



This change relicenses the modelines.xml file to MIT license.
Please everyone, explicitly state that you agree with the relicense change
to MIT and accept this revision so that we can proceed.

The authors are extracted from below:

  • Alex Turbov <>
  • Christoph Cullmann <>
  • Volker Krause <>
  • Dominik Haumann <>
  • Martin Walch <>

Changes to the file in syntax-highlighting.git

commit 1cf26801aeeb8b8ca681a39f5f2c654769048630
Author: Christoph Cullmann <>
Date: Mon Jul 24 15:25:27 2017 +0200

strip leading/trailing whitespaces from keywords

command: perl -pi -e 's@<item>\s*(\S+)\s*</item>@<item>\1</item>@gi' *.xml

remaining issues:

"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/4dos.xml" line 281 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " DATE /T "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 2896 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Afall, Bfall, Qfall, Qbfall, Tfall, Tbfall "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 2898 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Arise, Brise, Qrise, Qbrise, Trise, Tbrise "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 2903 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Asim_model Property in Element Statements "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 2987 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Requirements for DRACULA II "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 3012 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Ioh1, Ioh2 "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 3014 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Iol1, Iol2 "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 3068 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Spike Model Data "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 3195 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Tphz, Tplz, Tpzh, Tpzl "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 3207 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Voh1, Voh2 "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/ample.xml" line 3209 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Vol1, Vol2 "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/asn1.xml" line 36 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " OCTET STRING "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/coldfusion.xml" line 199 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " String formatting "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 29 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " For Input "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 30 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " For Output "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 31 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " For Binary "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 32 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " For Random "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 132 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Byte PTR "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 133 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Dword PTR "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 134 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Qword PTR "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 135 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " Word PTR "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 369 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " OPTION BASE "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/freebasic.xml" line 370 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " OPTION PRIVATE "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/gnuplot.xml" line 88 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " data style "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/gnuplot.xml" line 89 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " function style "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/php.xml" line 2253 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " date_time_ set "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/progress.xml" line 298 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " NOT ENTERED "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/progress.xml" line 609 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " SERVER SOCKET "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/pug.xml" line 28 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " else if "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/sql-postgresql.xml" line 689 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " BIT VARYING "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/sql-postgresql.xml" line 696 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " CHARACTER VARYING "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/sql-postgresql.xml" line 701 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " DOUBLE PRECISION "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/sql-postgresql.xml" line 727 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/stata.xml" line 147 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " clpatt [ern] "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/stata.xml" line 379 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " gr [een] "
"/home/cullmann/kdesrc/frameworks/syntax-highlighting/data/syntax/stata.xml" line 759 keyword with leading/trailing spaces: " pc prop "

commit 8b59d5aec5fd5c4ea8346d1451ad5ee2bc8c93ea
Author: Volker Krause <>
Date: Sat Nov 19 12:59:34 2016 +0100

Sync syntax definitions from ktexteditor

Hopefully the last time before this will become the official location.

commit 04b9a7a8afcc113a881e014b9841b1e11abb5d38
Author: Volker Krause <>
Date: Sun Sep 25 12:51:16 2016 +0200

Make syntax definition versions integers

This follows an equivalent change in ktexteditor.

commit 569c2bb6569edf3d5451ef7fb99062ed27ec2432
Author: Volker Krause <>
Date: Sun Sep 25 12:19:09 2016 +0200

Move syntax definition files into their own sub-directory

Puts them on the same level as the themes, which is more consistent.

commit dd72de85bff71db86df7b19b12deec306894f58d
Author: Volker Krause <>
Date: Wed Sep 7 10:51:59 2016 +0200

Move data files out of 3rdparty, as this will become the official source

commit 7af3457977a7141e7d7472b80c175aaad3ace822
Author: Volker Krause <>
Date: Wed Apr 13 19:39:15 2016 +0200

Add syntax data files from upstream.

Changes to the file in ktexteditor.git

commit cda999c901a9b38439f1d3ffc4c4fc3ae717061c
Author: Volker Krause <>
Date: Sat Nov 19 12:50:33 2016 +0100

Use syntax definitions from KF5::SyntaxHighlighting

REVIEW: 129384

commit 354fda8b563ea6fcf66813f02aadae3349aa25c6
Author: Dominik Haumann <>
Date: Sat Oct 15 22:11:18 2016 +0200

Add modeline 'auto-brackets'

And remove modeline 'auto-insert-doxygen' since it's not implemented

commit 857097d0b8ba6f8b67f40d75a178fdc87a05f8b3
Author: Dominik Haumann <>
Date: Fri Sep 9 14:34:03 2016 +0200

Highlighting definition files: round version up to next integer

Ideally, the version attribute should have been a integer revision
right form the beginning. The problem with the string-based variant
is that it is unclear whether e.g. version "1.1" < "1.10", and some
people even introduce more minor versions such as 1.10.1 etc.

Simply using an integer will solve this problem. For now, KTextEditor
supports the old behavior for compatibility, though. We will evaluate
a final change for KDE Frameworks 6 again.

commit ae154b945b2cbef8d302960c16da7bc66e77e88a
Author: Dominik Haumann <>
Date: Sun Jun 19 15:24:02 2016 +0200

Add modeline 'folding-preview' of type bool

commit ea03089e51bf3cc04db5b50fe2422b984515b282
Author: Dominik Haumann <>
Date: Sat Jun 18 22:53:13 2016 +0200

Add modelines 'scrollbar-minimap' [bool], and 'scrollbar-preview' [bool]

commit 752ddb60ddc91ad63c54339f0849c7c7fe0fc41e
Author: Martin Walch <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 23:29:49 2014 +0200

Clean up all kateversion numbers according to XML validation

Since KDE 3.0, it is possible to update Kate highlighting files on a per
user basis using a download dialog in the configuration menu, without
the need to update the whole installation of KDE. To indicate
compatibility, there is an attribute "kateversion" in the language
element of the highlighting files. However, those values have become a
mess over time.

This patch is a radical clean-up of the kateversion values, setting each
of them to the lowest possible value that makes sure that compatibility
is only indicated if the update validates with the shipped definition
file (language.dtd).

BUG: 338787
REVIEW: 120133

commit d1640b3b8c8ccaebc502466a4b37411a44a89d98
Author: Christoph Cullmann <>
Date: Sat Jul 26 15:41:46 2014 +0200

sync hl files with 4.14 branch, some changes seem to have been lost in frameworks :/

commit ae41649fd8b65891a44d12fff5e42ad333b61e16
Author: Alex Merry <>
Date: Sun Mar 23 16:58:19 2014 +0000

Replace '@since KDE 4.x' with '@since 4.x' and remove inaccurate ETA

Reviewed by:

commit 0d58f34ebf7bbca4d26f97a2cd3cb0024fa9b522
Author: Christoph Cullmann <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 20:53:23 2014 +0100

Move ktexteditor code to the src directory.

commit e36c3caa32685120a3b3c709e6a1b19c644a8a6a
Author: Christoph Cullmann <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 20:53:23 2014 +0100

Initial import from the monolithic kate.

This is the beginning of revision history for this module. If you
want to look at revision history older than this, please refer to the
techbase wiki for how to use Git history grafting. At the time of
writing, this wiki is located here:

If you have already performed the grafting and you don't see any
history beyond this commit, try running "git log" with the "--follow"

Branched from the monolithic repo, kate frameworks branch, at commit

Changes to the file in kate.git

commit 45672fc34028930d1e86d6a1cd252c1941d87024
Author: Christoph Cullmann <>
Date: Sat Jan 11 15:56:39 2014 +0100

remove ktexteditor part, is in KF5::TextEditor now ;)

commit bf6269cc925747cd7beb789b4e9f3ba908cb1f27
Author: Christoph Cullmann <>
Date: Sat Jan 4 16:36:00 2014 +0100

Fold KTextEditor and KatePart.

KTextEditor will stay the public API, KatePart the implementation.

This avoids to have always to jump through rings for any further extension and is the preparation
to have a sensefull KTextEditor Framework, that shall stay BC for KF 5.x and allows to use the
KTextEditor API without additional stuff required.

commit 4cf0561cb23ef61d821f89394c574e5ccc9e6bb1
Author: Alex Turbov <>
Date: Sat May 4 09:46:41 2013 +0400

added 'indent-pasted-text' mode variable

commit 67e142c70749a79cf0e291d6c8c67ef58a22dde5
Author: Alex Turbov <>
Date: Tue Nov 6 00:54:18 2012 +0400

fix broken boolean values higlighting

commit d51d4820a854985a833f28f1facac9d9287466ab
Author: Christoph Cullmann <>
Date: Fri Nov 2 23:11:59 2012 +0100

remove auto bracket feature in kate
the auto bracket plugin is much more versatile
added to it feature to auto-complete { for tex, too
BUG: 241104
BUG: 198540

commit cc9bdc3e76a8d78549cb0832afd0133bc50878e7
Author: Alex Turbov <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 06:26:21 2012 +0400

remove deprecated modeline

commit 248a727afba44bacf38e7c783ae35003bc0691c3
Author: Dominik Haumann <>
Date: Sat Oct 27 16:10:44 2012 +0200

add remove-trailing-spaces, merge Boolean True/False

commit 5b6d7fca32468767fba9bfe2b4fac59ec64b43b0
Author: Alex Turbov <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 20:07:45 2012 +0400

version bump

commit 1a5b5531bc4fad0708de026762a5be40d7fd0046
Author: Alex Turbov <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 19:49:27 2012 +0400

fix modeline hihglighting according Dominik notes

commit adda725180dae109afa2bc1aa1f712534ee759bd
Author: Dominik Haumann <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 14:50:35 2012 +0100

adapt attribute names everywhere

commit 8d8f93db2f8d0bc8ecc4e5475e8042dedde6e1ab
Author: Alex Turbov <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 17:04:59 2012 +0400

rename styles

commit d71ded1afedfc569bec885aba84a8f91b896b2de
Author: Alex Turbov <>
Date: Tue Mar 13 13:07:04 2012 +0400

Added highlighting for kate modelines. Note that deprecated modelines
are not included to provoke users to avoid them.
Test Plan

make && make test

Diff Detail

R216 Syntax Highlighting
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.
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For those who are curious: This change is required since modelines.xml is a file that is included in many other xml files via IncludeRules. Given our policy of new highlighting files should be MIT licensed, this also applies to included definitions. That's why this relicensing is being done for this file. Your support is very much appreciated here.

vkrause accepted this revision.Aug 14 2018, 11:58 AM
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I agree w/ relicense

Thanks, Martin just change the kateversion number, which was changed again later by us again. So I will proceed now. Thanks.

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