Fix autotest regression after adding SkipSwitcher to API
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Authored by joselema on Apr 19 2018, 7:59 PM.




I think since this change:

we are having this regression in autotests for kwindowsystem:

FAIL!  : NetRootInfoTestWM::testSupported() Compared values are not the same
   Actual   (supportedReply->value_len): 88
   Expected (uint32_t(count))          : 87
   Loc: [/home/jenkins/workspace/Plasma kwindowsystem kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.9/autotests/netrootinfotestwm.cpp(271)]

so I'm attaching a possible patch for this issue, please be careful because I don't fully understand the code involved.


P.S. After the SkipSwticher change there's other regresssion for other test:

FAIL!  : KWindowInfoX11Test::testState(skipSwitcher) Compared values are not the same
   Loc: [/home/jenkins/workspace/Plasma kwindowsystem kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.9/autotests/kwindowinfox11test.cpp(230)]

I don't know very well how to solve that one, in Kubuntu's packaging we are just disabling the failing check it like this:

--- a/autotests/kwindowinfox11test.cpp
+++ b/autotests/kwindowinfox11test.cpp
@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ void KWindowInfoX11Test::testState_data(
     QTest::newRow("shaded")       << NET::States(NET::Shaded);
     QTest::newRow("skipTaskbar")  << NET::States(NET::SkipTaskbar);
     QTest::newRow("skipPager")    << NET::States(NET::SkipPager);
-    QTest::newRow("skipSwitcher") << NET::States(NET::SkipSwitcher);
+    //QTest::newRow("skipSwitcher") << NET::States(NET::SkipSwitcher);
     QTest::newRow("keep above")   << NET::States(NET::KeepAbove);
     QTest::newRow("keep below")   << NET::States(NET::KeepBelow);
     QTest::newRow("fullscreen")   << NET::States(NET::FullScreen);
Test Plan

Tested the patch building from git master and also adding it to Kubuntu's packaging, either way it fixes the regression for me.

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I'm afraid to admit I don't understand it all that well myself. This is my first submission to KWindowSystem. It was supposed to be a straightforward case of "implement skipSwitcher just like skipTaskbar is implemented". I believe I noted the problems with the autotests in my original submission.

Also, related patches D11925 and D11926 are still open and uncommitted. I'm unclear if those missing pieces are affecting the autotests.

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