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A comic book reader app

This is an application for reading comic books distributed in various digital formats, with initial focus on the cbz format. It is based on KDE's Frameworks 5, and the UI is built using Qt Quick 2.

The current featureset includes:

  • Multiple file format support, in two tiers
    • Native support with optimised viewing for comic books
      • cbz
      • cbr
    • Okular based generic view support
      • certain other cb* formats with archive types not supported by KArchive
      • pdf
      • deja-vu
      • epub
  • Touch optimised user interface (nb: mouse/keyboard UI also planned)
    • All the standard stuff like kinetic scrolling, pinch-zoom and so on
    • Plasma Mobile components based experience
  • Baloo based file discovery with simple filesystem scraper fallback
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