KDE Plasma 5.14 Release Video
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This is the discussion task for the KDE Plasma 5.14 Release Video.


  • Select the features to address in the video (most important, need KDE team input here)
  • Screen Captures
  • decide on visual elements
  • write a script
  • record audio segments
  • create motion graphics
  • enjoy a sandwich

possible items to use in the 5.14 release video:

  • There's a new Display Configuration widget for screen management which is useful for presentations.
  • The Kickoff application menu now switches tabs instantly on hover.
  • Plasma now warns on logout when other users are logged in.
  • The Global menu now supports GTK applications. This was a 'tech preview' in 5.13, but it now works out of the box in 5.14.
  • Discover:
    • snaps
    • sort by release date
    • package dependencies
    • maybe others

There's not that many items that can be demonstrated for this video. Is there something I missed?

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5.14 has been released and while we didn't have an official video, there was a nice number of other videos that also showed off the new features. Let's wait and see if 5.15 brings something more exciting to the table.