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It needs to fit on a single A5 landscape page, so Saturday on left half and Sunday on right half. The badge will then be folded down to A7 landscape to go in the pouch with the schedule on the inside.

The talk entries should show the talk Title (some might need truncated/adjusted to fit) and Speaker name, using the same colour scheme as the online version though probably paler to be easily readable

We need it in a document format that is still editable, so we are able to easily make any last minute changes and be able to export to PDF, apart from that you can choose your tool of choice whether that is libreoffice, inkscape, scribus, LaTex etc :-)

This isn't that technically complicated just will take a bit of time fiddling with sizes

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No one able to do this? You can probably just copy paste the table from the webpage into for instance libreoffice and then fiddle with the sizes till they fit. This is not a task I can do due to my RSI

Anyone able to help us with the layout for the back of the badges showing the akademy schedule? Technical requirements in the task Description

I had a quick go at this on LibreOffice Writer using a table, but to fit the 5min time-slots between 0830 and 1900 on an A5 page in landscape mode, the letters need to be 2.5 in size, which means really tiny. Would that work? Here's a draft sample.

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Great thanks for starting working on this

You don't need to keep each of the 5min slots, just merge the cells so every event time slot is just one row and that should make things easier. Showing just the start times is good enough for this. You can also get rid of talk sub-titles

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Good to know, I had tried also with 15min slots but iirc there are events that start or end at time-frames such as XX:50, so that was an issue if we were going for accuracy.

I will try to have a closer look on this in the following couple of days and hopefully deliver something by the end of the weekend.

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Here's a more complete attempt:

I had to separate the times between Day 1 and 2 as they have very different slots.

The series of short talks in Day 2 are considered lightning talks? I left them without color as there seems to be a mix-up on the website and I wasn't sure what they are considered.

That looks great thanks, its been a big help having you do that

I'll have a look on Monday, at the talks for Sunday morning and sort that out

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