Move main tools to a more visible place
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Move tools (move/cut/spacer, etc) to a better place than status bar. Left side toolbar?

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I am currently testing a large toolbar just above the timeline, see screenshot of current git (the new toolbar is in a red rectangle for the screenshot, This will give us some more space to put timeline editing options. However this takes some vertical space.
We have 2 options:

  • Keep things like in my screenshot, this gives us the possibility to have tools and actions in the timeline toolbar, and infos, zoom and other info in the status bar but we lose some vertical space
  • Completely remove the status bar, but we need to find a place to display timeline info, not sure there is enough in timeline toolbar.

Comments welcome

I love it. and after you move the widget tab on the top it looks like even better.
I just don't know if it's a good idea the drop down menu for editing modes. Only AVID has editing modes. Actually, it has just 2 modalities. I saw that people who use the mouse for editing on that platform have the habit of shift frequently from one to the other. Who want to behave this way also on Kdenlive, probably, prefers to have direct access to them.
Except to this, I'll prefer to wait for other evolution before to express other comments.
For the moment I believe you did a very good job which really improved the user interface look.
The only thing I'm feeling I could suggest is to make the rendering progress bar a little bit longer: the double of how is it now? But actually I don't know. :)

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I don't mind the dropdown menu for editing modes, and I can easily switch by using the mousewheel too. Having said that, I rarely change modes while I'm editing, so perhaps I'm not the best use case. In Premiere, 'overwrite' mode is the default and you can switch to 'insert' mode by holding down the ctrl key as you're dragging a clip onto the timeline.

I like the new design too. Would it be possible to add configuration to it so that users can adapt it to their editing habbits? This way, Kdenlive could offer the old edit mode buttons too. And this may also allow for dragging the timeline bar to another position or even to the left in vertical mode?

I like the new design too. Would it be possible to add configuration to it so that users can adapt it to their editing habbits?

Yes, that was always the plan. However Qt only allows 4 standard locations for its toolbars: top, bottom, right and left. To have that toolbar in the middle of the app, I had to create it in a non standard way, with the result that it does not integrate the standard toolbar features (movable, editable items). I still hope to find a workaroud thought...

Ok, I just managed making the timeline toolbar editable. It cannot be moved but you can now configure which actions appear on it. This required some workarounds to the KDE/Qt official handling of toolbar, I hope it will work for everyone.

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I'm also digging the new toolbar above the timeline. Good stuff. :)

I just checked the new timeline toolbar but it is disappeared. Then when I right click on it for customizing, the menu related to the main toolbar (the one which is placed on the top by default) shows up. The idea to have a customizable bar is very good (AVID has this approach for eg) but I wait to see what it'll happen next. In this moment, it is still unusable.

Same over here as massimostella noticed; cannot configure and cannot use the timeline toolbar. I'm on Qt 5.5.1, KF 5.22.

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Could you try temporarily rename your existing Kdenlive config to see if that solves the problem ? I also experienced issues because of existing old config file.
Check in $HOME:

find . -name kdenliverc

And rename the files to something else. This will start Kdenlive with a fresh config, you can move back your config files after the test if you want.

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Oh, sorry I meant the kdenliveui.rc file, not the kdenlive config file. That is the file where ui customizations (if you changed the default toolbar layout is saved.

find . -name kdenliveui.rc

it is usually in $HOME/.local/share/kxmlgui5/kdenlive/

Hi Jean-Baptiste,

nixing kdenliveui.rc did the trick: I now have a proper timeline toolbar that can be configured as the third toolbar. Cool! This greatly reduces mouse travel, so I can now retire the main toolbar and instead add my primary transitions to the timeline bar. Great "little" improvement on overall usability!

After the new install everything works perfectly.
Just 2 notes:

  1. When you open the editor window the bar moves temporary to the bottom. When you close the window the bar comes back in its place on top of the timeline. I guessed it's done on purpose for let you watch it better while you are editing without covering it by the window but I'm not so sure. ;)
  2. If you click on the timeline bar and you drag the mouse the main window of Kdenlive, though it is maximized, shrinks back to windowed size and you can drag it around the screen as you are dragging the top window bar. (This happens also with some other widgets: Properties, Clip properties, Library and monitors bars and all other bars) Of course it's not a problem is just to have all the infos about Kdenlive behaviour.
  1. The timeline toolbar moving downwards on editing is some kind of a hack that I had to use to avoid a crash due to the fact that we are slightly abusing Qt's ToolBar official usage. Couldn't find a better solution and not really a problem I think
  1. Yes, I think it's a standard KDE or Qt policy allowing you to move a window by clicking in "empty areas". However the window size does not change for me, it is just moved.

My impression is that the new timeline toolbar is fine for now. For me, it has proven to be an incredible UI improvement as I rarely used the main toolbars at the top, mainly so because they are out of reach. The timeline toolbar is right on spot.

In turn, can we consider this item to be resolved and done?

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