Compile list of influential outlets and influential "influencers" for product reviews
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Now we have products with Plasma on them, we want to find influential outlets and "influencers" (bloggers, vloggers, etc.) to talk about them and take promoting KDE to the next level.

In this task we are asking you to suggest media and channels we should send products for reviews to. We would like you to think outside the FLOSS bubble, think Engadget and the Verge, more than LWN or Phoronix; think Linus Tech Tips ( - 5.2m subscribers), or Unbox Therapy ( - 9.9m subscribers). The aim is to reach an audience that may not even be sure what Linux is, but is interested in gadgets and new stuff all the same.

To add to this list, don't just write down the name, but help a bit more by providing a way of getting in touch with the outlet, channel, publication, or whatever.

For example:

Also, if you have a direct line to someone that can get us into Wired, or The Guardian's tech section, or anything else like that, please say so.

Have been compiling a couple of lists of possible contacts over the last months.

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This will also help with task T7837.

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Tech section of Le Monde (french) It doesn't look like they have a contact email address, but the team can probably be contacted with twitter: (

ognarb added a comment.Jul 4 2019, 8:46 AM

Another french tech press is Numerama ( Press release can be sent to "redaction at" and journalist can be contacted at at

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There are also:

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Great job, @ognarb . We must also look for individuals, find the contact details of specific journalists. If we latch onto what they are interested in (= what they write about most often), we can know how to pitch our stories to them.

ognarb added a comment.Jul 4 2019, 1:37 PM

@paulb Ok will do, I mostly searched for links to send press release (perfect for Plasma and KDE Applications announcements)

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I know the people in Jupiter Broadcasting[[ URL | ]] and have been interviewed by Chris and some of the others a few times. They are a bit click-baity but do have lots of listeners.

In Brazil, there's Diolinux on Youtube:

paulb added a comment.Nov 25 2019, 3:58 PM

In Brazil, there's Diolinux on Youtube:

Good, very good. But PLEASE think outside the box. Think of youtubers and influences who do not talk about Linux/FLOSS on a regular basis, think of people that have audiences who do not think about Free Software as a regular usable thing. By promoting our stuff only to FLOSS-themed channels, we are preaching to the choir: people who follow those channels already know about KDE and our software and, either they already use it and are a fan, or don't and won't, because if you are GNOME or XFCE or whatever user, it is highly unlikely you will change. Looking for influencers within the bubble may get us more yeses and stroke our collective ego, but in the long run is a waste of time. We won't get more users like that.

So less *.linux.* channels and more general techie channels.