Compile list of influential outlets and influential "influencers" for product reviews
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Now we have products with Plasma on them, we want to find influential outlets and "influencers" (bloggers, vloggers, etc.) to talk about them and take promoting KDE to the next level.

In this task we are asking you to suggest media and channels we should send products for reviews to. We would like you to think outside the FLOSS bubble, think Engadget and the Verge, more than LWN or Phoronix; think Linus Tech Tips ( - 5.2m subscribers), or Unbox Therapy ( - 9.9m subscribers). The aim is to reach an audience that may not even be sure what Linux is, but is interested in gadgets and new stuff all the same.

To add to this list, don't just write down the name, but help a bit more by providing a way of getting in touch with the outlet, channel, publication, or whatever.

For example:

Also, if you have a direct line to someone that can get us into Wired, or The Guardian's tech section, or anything else like that, please say so.

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