Create "I'm going to Akademy 2018" banner/badge
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We need a "I'm going to Akademy 2018" banner/badge image and to promote that people use it in their blogs etc

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With less than 1.5 months until Akademy we should start the "I'm going to Akademy 2018" campaign soon. Akademy team would create the post on but needs a banner/badge for it.

What about one of @jensreuterberg's barroque images for this? What size do you need? Like last year's?

Size is up to whomever makes it, sizes of the last years seem good.

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I made these after being asked in the VDG channel{F6072178}

@abetts Hey this looks cool. Thanks! I would be interested what building this is, could be so many in Vienna :)

We never had it in the Banners, but do you think it would make sense to somewhere write in the banner "Vienna", "2018".

Oh, the other one is missing

I can add a Vienna in there but it will have to wait a couple of weeks. Is that ok?

Nah it's OK, we have only a month left until Akademy, we just take what we have now :)

I like the second one even better.

@abetts Could you change only one thing? It should be the "official" Akademy font/logo. You can find it here:

Or else maybe upload source file and someone else changes it to the logo.

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Team decided yesterday to use the second one (with Vienna at night) and not wait for any font changes. We will publish them tomorrow.

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Thanks @abetts :)

Sounds good, sorry I can’t get to my computer at this time. I am sure we won’t confuse anyone. I can make changes later too.