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At present we are having three configuration options:-
(1). Instructions visible and score visible.
(2). Instructions visible and score invisible.
(3). Instructions invisible and score visible.

It would be great to add each mode goal
For example, Instruction and Score Visible is a way to find other elements from an already known category since the category is given in the instruction.
The second one Instruction Visible and score Invisible has the same goal but it is more difficult as we do not have the score help for that.
The third one is an exercise to create a notion in the brain, even if you do not have a name for it, it will help children to categorize to create a new category in their brain.

And this should appear in the setting window
(1)."Put together all the elements from a category (with score)"
(2)."Put together all the elements from a category (without score)"
(3)."Discover a category, grouping elements together".
or any other innovative goal to describe the level.


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D10350: Improved settings mode names
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Ok. So what you are suggesting is that besides the required categories to be selected for a particular level, children are to identify which other categories the objects CAN belong to?

The aim of this task is to explicit the different settings for a child point of view. Saying "easy", "medium", "difficult" does not help to help to understand what is changed and what the child will work on.

so basically changing the text according to a child's point of view. right ?

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