USB/MTP storage support
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Even though this bit is mostly base system/hardware providing this, In early days, Plasma Mobile used fork of Ubuntu Touch's mtp with following changes:

  • Don't look for ubuntu's unity-greeter for checking if session is locked to make it possible to use it on !utouch environment
  • Instead of individual folders, export all of home folder.

This broke when we upgraded to use our own base system, following needs to be done.

  • Fix it for the current halium stack
  • Make it possible to enable/disable the USB/MTP storage support by default and on-demand, this can be done by adding configuration module in Plasma Settings repo.
  • Show indicator when USB is connected and MTP storage is enabled.

Knowledge Requirements: Linux, Qt, QML, Plasma

System Requirements: This task will require access to actual device running Plasma Mobile.

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I only found two available options. One is the one from Ubuntu Touch which was used earlier, but LuneOS also has a fork of it which might contain useful patches. The second one is buteo-mtp from mer (or this fork). I assume you used the Ubuntu Touch mtp server because the base was Ubuntu Touch earlier?

EDIT: Just found another one that looks promising:

I started packaging uMTP reponder, but the configuration file is still missing the path to the usb device. If someone with a Nexus 5 / 5X knows the correct path, please either contact me or just open a pull request at