Integration with FOSS online services
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This is a very long term goal and an attitude in general, not a fixed task you can mark as "completed". In the recent years a lot of online services for productivity, communication and collaboration appeared. Most of them are currently proprietary services but FOSS solutions start to be usable and are competing with the proprietary ones. Today PC users relies on online services and integration with the desktop environment and native applications are expected.

The proposal is collaborating with FOSS online services communities to define protocols and standards for each task so we can implement integration independently from the service providers and other developers (like the GNOME ones) can provide applications based on the same standards.

To better understand what I mean here there are some examples (the pattern is "KDE app | example of proprietary service | FOSS candidate for integration"):

  • Akregator | Feedly | Nextcloud News
  • Plasma/Akregator/Browsers/Kontact | Pocket (Read it later) | Wallabag
  • Browsers | - | Firefox Sync for history, bookmarks etc
  • KIO/Dolphin | Dropbox, Google Drive | Nextcloud, Syncthing
  • KNotes | Evernote, Google Keep | Nextcloud Notes
  • Choqok | Twitter | Mastodon, Diaspora
  • Telepathy, Konversation | Slack | Matrix, Ring
  • Discover | Patreon | Liberapay (donations)

A lot of users and developers already use the mentioned services but with web UI. For sure using the same services natively and integrated would be appreciated by them and could involve new developers and attract new users.

What it will take

Developers of existing KDE projects who would like to integrate their software with online services.

How we know we succeeded

We will know we succeeded if we will be able to integrate most common services like Nextcloud, Firefox Sync, Matrix and Mastodon.

I am willing to put work into this

  • Alessandro Longo: I can help with UX tips and mockups, discussion with developers of online services and research on requirements, features etc.
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I am interested

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