sort out payments between KDE e.V. and KDE Espana
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I'll mention this to Marta in my call to her and try to figure things out ...

aacid added a comment.Jul 29 2017, 9:39 AM

To bring you up to speed, we kind of have a plan, but it's a bit wobbly:

  • KDE eV pre-paid for all the rooms
  • KDE España used some rooms for Akademy-es
  • We need to figure out how much the final invoice will be on the rooms (originally it was around 720€ AFAICS) but then we said we only wanted 1 room instead of two, *and* if the University will get us money back because of that (Ismael wasn't so sure)
  • Then the plan is split the lunches bill into two and KDE España pays for the rooms via paying part of the lunches and KDE eV pays the rest of the lunches

UAL is closing today and don't open again until 1th sept.

We don't get room final invoice until then.

aacid added a comment.Feb 2 2018, 1:48 PM

Did we totally forget about this?

Does anyone have the slight idea how much those rooms did cost?

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Aleix told me this is in motion between the two boards, since i'm not on any of them, i'm assigning it to him

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