Fix "Login or Register with LDAP" with "Login with KDE Identity" + link
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For new contributors, like someone who did a first patch, the current login page to Phabricator is an extra frustrating hurdle, as the text is both misleading ("Register" sounds one would enter their credentials in the form) and also does not have any hint that KDE Identity credentials are to be used and also what KDE Identity is.

Having to spent extra time to find some human being experienced with KDE infrastructure to tell what to do there is both annoying (for all involved) and also leaves a bad first impression.

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From a quickly check of the code, it seems that the string is hardcoded, but on the other side it is marked for translation. Apart from filing an upstream bug, maybe a quick solution could be a "custom" (fake) translation?

Btw there are also other hardcoded strings that would need some love. For example in there should be git diff -U999 rather than plain git diff (many new contributors don't use the -U switch and the code review loses context).

Also we don't use mercurial so hg diff --git should really go.

  • Phabricator admins can easily overwrite existing strings via adding definitions to /config/edit/translation.override
  • FYI, Wikimedia wrote a custom extension to change the login page a bit.
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I've entered false translations for these now as pointed out by @aklapper which resolves the core of this task.

In regards to the diff items pointed out by Elvis, those will require changes to the codebase. I'd like to think further about this before doing that as codebase modifications do make upgrades harder.

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FWIW, this is still an issue:

(User expected to be able to "register", but only got an error. There was no mention of or any link to help on the wiki at all.)

I've now fixed the translation overrides we're using - upstream changed some of the text so it no longer matched.