Scripts in /etc/profile.d/* don't get sourced
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flatpak installs /etc/profile.d/ but it doesn't modify the environment.

garg added a comment.May 9 2017, 2:25 PM

/etc/profile.d gets evaluated by bash but not simplelogin. David needs to look into this to get it working.

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Ideally SDDM should grow support for a wayland based greeter instead of a X11 greeter. This would involve looking at what XorgDisplayServer does and why the Greeter needs it.

Turns out this is normally sourced by XSetup a bash script we run our X sessions through.

SDDM puts wayland sessions through a similar wayland-session script, can't remember what simple-login does.

garg added a comment.Sep 5 2017, 11:14 AM

Simple Login does not evaluate it. It should, or we should use sddm on the phone too.

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This is fixed.