Windows: Make sure CMake location is configurable
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Add a configuration field in Settings -> CMake for specifying the default CMake location.

Right now KDevelop defaults to QStandardPaths::findExecutable, which fails if CMake is installed to a non-default location.

Bonus points for reading the Windows registry for the CMake location.

This is important for the CMake help plugin.

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I've done small research and found that CMake doesn't seem to record its installation path in registry. I guess, all we can do is to check PATH, then standard installation dirs, which, again, can vary: {Program Files, Program Files (x86)}\\{CMake, CMake 2.8}.

Some searching logic is also required by git plugin, so what about having our own findExecutable()?

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Ok, now i'm blocked by this problem:

It is, actually, a mix of two. The first one is that default value for "Generator" option is "Unix makefiles", but Qt's listbox doesn't get populated with this value on Windows. It's filled with "NMake makefiles" instead and this break saving and restoring default value. I hacked it around by substituting it in constructor, but the proper fix is to set it conditionally in cmakebuilderconfig.kcfg. Does KConfig have such feature.

The second problem is saving itself. QMake documentation plugin, for instance, uses different code path for saving stuff and it works for me.

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Implemented now. Thanks a lot!

We're still kinda blocked by, but that's a different beast.