4.0 version format requirements
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Krita 4.0 needs to:

  • warn the user when loading an image with ODG-based vector layers
  • on saving over the image, make a backup copy of the old image
  • save an ODG document with a clearly visible warning for each vector layer

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We probably need the warning text in multiple languages:

"Warning: this image was created with krita 4. This is an older version of Krita. You will lose all vector data if you save the image."

Deevad added a comment.Apr 7 2017, 4:55 PM

Dialog when a user open a *.kra(2.x) or *.kra(3.x) with ODG vector layer in it:

"Vector layer(s) with old format found in your Krita project: we made our best to convert them to new vector format. Please review and adjust before overwriting your file."

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