Polkit support in Dolphin/KIO
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Dolphin currently doesn‘t support manipulating files owned by the root user. Many users work-around this limitation by starting Dolphin with root permissions, which is dangerous and broken. The goal of this meta-task is to track whatever is necessary to provide a Dolphin implementation that opens a nice Polkit authentication dialog whenever a root file/folder needs to be edited or created.

  • Dolphin doesn't touch the filesystem, KIO does. KAuth support should land in the file ioslave (see T5202). T5070 investigated whether this was possible.
  • Dolphin needs to remove all the writability checks that currently has (T5203). A root-owned file can be edited also by a non-root user if polkit says so. See also bug 173385.

Relevant feature request: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=179678