Improved Key Details Dialog
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We need a new certificate details dialog that includes information about TOFU and generally provides more information about User ID validity.

Ideally this dialog would live in libkleo so that it can be shown directly for KMail. But as this would also involve moving all the commands available in this dialog into Libkleo this might be a bigger issue.

For now we will improve the existing details Dialog in Kleopatra:

  • Replace Tabs with a Hub-and-Spoke view. Where Technical Details and "Web of Trust" view are the subviews.
  • Show validity of all UserID's
  • Make TOFU Information (message count, first, last contact, conflict) available in this dialog.

Place "sign this key" (mark as valid) more prominent while moving ownertrust in the Web of Trust details view.

Mockups follow.


Differential Revisions
D3584: Improve key details dialog
aheinecke reassigned this task from aheinecke to dvratil.Nov 29 2016, 1:08 PM

Hi Daniel,

As I'm still working on GpgOL and some other Gpg4win stuff we think that you could start to work on this. The plan should be outlined in M56 and M57 you can probably ask björn about the general idea of the design of If you have design related questions.

Ideally I think that having this dialog in libkleo would make most sense (so that KMail would not need to start Kleopatra or have Kleopatra as a dependency) but as the details dialog uses lots of commands which are pretty much rooted in Kleopatra I don't think it's feasible. Maybe you can take a look, too if you think this could be moved in libkleo or if this would be too large.
I would have started just to improve the current dialog in Kleopatra while keeping an eye out where the problems would be to move it into libkleo.


aheinecke closed this task as Resolved.Feb 15 2018, 3:07 PM

We have a new details dialog.