How to improve the calligraphy tool?
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Whether or not this stretchgoal is chosen, we really need to come up with a nice list of requirements for our calligraphy tool improvements. We absolutely need artists for this in a room. Hence I am proposing we make this a sprint topic.

Related Google Doc:

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What we should ideally get by the end of this:

  • Usecases: Problems that artists seek to solve with this tool.
  • An evaluation of existing UI solutions. I am noting this here because we're obviously going to get thousands of people who say we should solve it like program X, and I can already tell you I loathe some of the solutions in clip studio, and while inkscape's powerstroke is cool and stuff, it's really slow in usage.
  • Architectural concerns. Do we only want to store variable width line? What about storing kispaintinfo dumps instead? Should we then focus on manipulating these?
  • Storing concerns: SVG. SVG doesn't have a native variable width line storage, and it's unknown whether it'll make it into SVG2 at all.


  • Start collecting siggraph papers and links.
  • At some point we'll get asked whether we'll render our brush-engine strokes on top of these lines. We'll need to formulate an answer.
  • Look into path-approximation as well. Current methods in both Krita and Inkscape result in very noisy paths.