Improve the Calligraphy tool drastically
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"Variable width vector strokes: The envy of any good inking program. Krita can already support the data, and the rendering, but the editing could be really improved. Especially in comparison to Krita's beautiful raster brush engines. Let' s give the calligraphy tool some well deserved love, and power up your lineart!"


  • General better GUI for editing calligraphy strokes.


We can go pretty crazy with this.

Obvious changes:

  • Unlike nearly everything in Krita, the calligraphy tool doesn't have a curve to modify the sensors.
  • When we generate a variable width stroke, we can only modify the path, but not the rotation or width of the curve.
    • MS/Clip Paint solves this with a stroke making tool which allows you to draw where the lines should get thinner, but I personally would like to see something a little more precise.
    • We cannot save variable width strokes to svg rawly, so we need to examine methods to save this meta-data. Inkscape has a manner of saving their path effects into svg which should be investigated.
  • Stablizer for the calligraphy tool?
  • Turn a regular path into a variable width path?
  • Render a raster brush stroke over these variable width paths?

We should collect usecases and design a gui.