Port of Gtk+ Railroad activity
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Description: A memory game based on trains

Prerequisite: None

Goal: Memory-training

Manual: A train - a locomotive and carriage(s) - is displayed at the top of the main area for a few seconds. Rebuild it at the top of the screen by selecting the appropriate carriages and locomotive. Deselect an item by clicking on it again. Check your construction by clicking on the hand at the bottom.



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D4014: Railroad Activity port
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I would like to write this activity on QtQuick from scratch. Is anyone else working on this port?

Utkarsh Tiwari

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it's not closed/resolved until merged in master ;)

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Sum-up of the improvements to add from the diff:
-Generally, it would be much better to not have the graphic items stretched, so they keep their original ratio and look better.
-On the grid of wagons, it's easy to trigger a slide of the line instead of picking a wagon. I think user shouldn't need to slide those lines.
-The grid should adapt to display a different number of lines and of items per lines depending on the screen ratio.

It also misses easy levels (with less wagons and locomotives)

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@jjazeix I would like to complete this activity as a Sok project.

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I removed parent task of gsoc/sok as it is being worked on

Should I move the sub-tasks created for this activity during SoK period to the resolved section as they are completed now?

yes, you can close them, thank you

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