Better support for ultra-wide screens
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This is a meta task and brainstorming for improving Plasma support on ultra-wide (e.g. 21:9 or even 32:9 screens).

There's basically two semi-overlapping goals/ways to go with this:

  • Use it to do more work simultaneously next to each other
  • Use it only in games and videos but keep the normal desktop operation centered around more or less a 16:9 area

Possible ideas or features to add:

Default work area/panel maximum width

Make the default panel not span the full width but have it get a maximum width of what a typical 16:9 screen would have. For instance, on a 21:9 (2560x1080) screen, the panel would still just be 1920 wide by default.

Notification popups, desktop icons, etc would then by default also be placed around this area in the center of the user's view field. Just the wallpaper would of course fill the entire screen. It's still possible to move windows anywhere. The question is e.g. how windows would be maximized by default, see also next task. Having e.g. a browser window maximized to full screen size with 80% of it being whitespace isn't very useful.

More quick tile zones

Right now there's left, right, or a 2x2 grid. When there's more horizontal screen estate, windows in that 2x2 grid become rather wide.

The question is whether we just want to add a third zone in the middle or add an arbitrarily configurable number of columns and rows.
However, having a zone in the middle of the screen would conflict with the maximizing zone. What to do about it?

Also, it becomes ambiguous what Meta+ for a non-tiled window would do. Does it just blatantly snap the window to the left cell? Does it check what the closest cell to the left would be and snaps it to it? Do we need separate shortcuts for "snap to the left cell" vs "snap one cell to the left"

There's also the use case of small convertible laptops or phones where on vertical you might want just a top and bottom zone but on landscape you might want a left and right zone.

broulik created this task.May 14 2020, 12:58 PM

Yeah, more quick tile zones makes sense to me. Allowing it to be configurable might be nice, but what's more important I think is to set the default properly, so that it automatically increases to 3 or for as appropriate.

I would have the Meta+ arrow keys push the window into the next empty quick tile zone in that direction.

Patch to make notifications follow notification icon, so that when your panel isn't full width, the notifications stay in sight as well:

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Is there a way to set the default panel based on info about the user's screen?

Is there a way to set the default panel based on info about the user's screen?


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