Akademy 2020: Photos, Videos, & Other Resources
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Things we can do to bring Akademy posts and announcements to the next level:

  • Gather photos from the KDE Community of past events/webinars/sprints/etc.
  • Create a video collage of KDE Community members "giving webinars" as a way to promote virtual talks at Akademy (maybe even ask confirmed speakers, when we have them, to give a little snip-bit intro to use for this)
  • Gather any other sort of resources that may be helpful/necessary to really boost Akademy's social media/announcement presence


  • Promo video to attract non-community members
  • Promo video for community
  • Brochure for sponsors
  • Poster for unis and colleges
  • "I'm going to Akademy" banners for users' sites and blogs
  • Please note that all ideas are welcome, post them below.
    • We really want to reach out and feel welcoming to any Akademy newbies or people that would not otherwise have the ability to travel to an Akademy location in years past. Let's try to find the best ways to entice such peoples to register for Akademy and socialize with the greater community from registration time through to post Akademy.
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What is the aim of this task? What do you need us to do? Supply links to resources from other years?

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@allyson I can also help with this

@allyson I can also help with this

Thank you! Do you have any updates on the outreach to your college?

I will start reaching out to folks after the initial posters are ready and update the response here. I will try to reach out to both technical and kreative people :)

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