Reset configuration from within Krita
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We need to have a GUI button that will allow users to reset the configuration from within Krita.

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tymond created this task.Dec 9 2019, 1:08 PM
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I wonder where this should be? I feel like this is common enough that we should make it really easy to find off the main menu...and not in the "configure krita" dialog.

One potential place could be the Settings main menu option. Maybe by the switch application language menu item

Just a reminder since it's easy to forget it exists: Holding ctrl+alt+shift when Krita is starting up will ask the user if they wish to clear Krita's settings file. This feature was originally implemented to help reset a config file that causes Krita to crash. The function responsible for this is KisApplication::askClearConfig() and KisApplication::clearConfig(). The caveat is that the functions have to be called before the config has been loaded.

It would be nice to have a way of doing this in the GUI too, though I suspect just calling the function is not going to be enough.

I would really like Krita to have also a way to reach the Krita crash log as well and maybe even a little function "install debug package". Crash logs are extremely useful and considering we're dealing with people that are not exactly technically knowledgeable, it would be useful do make sure that everything that now requires them to go through their file system and doesn't need to, is put in GUI as well.