Adding level selection to Find the Date
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Adding level selection with two modes:

  • The date is present within the current month
  • The date can be present in any month
jjazeix added a subscriber: jjazeix.Dec 7 2019, 8:45 AM

Please check that is already a dataset for calendar activities.
Note that it may need rebasing with latest commits on the branch but it should work fine if you apply the diff from commit 57985fcaf8191860eca

dekumar added a subscriber: dekumar.EditedDec 18 2019, 3:56 PM

@echarruau I would like to add one level of each modes to currently implemented multiple_dataset.

@jjazeix @echarruau I have added a new level selection to Data/1.qml as to find date present in any month. I have also fixed some other issues as the levels can be changed while viewing the tutorial and identation issues. Shall I update the diff or create a new diff as creating a new diff would create a lot of files to be uploaded?

@dekumar sorry, I didn't see the last reply. Please update the existing diff instead of creating a new one.

@jjazeix It's ok no problem. I will update the diff.