Replace KLocalSocket[Server] in KIO by QLocalSocket[Server]
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Do we still need our own implementation of this?

vkrause created this task.Nov 10 2019, 4:01 PM

I briefly looked into this. I guess it's doable, but not trivial.

ConnectionBackend in KIO abstracts over KLocalSocket and QTcpSocket which works since KLocalSocket inherits from QTcpSocket. This is not possible with QLocalSocket since that inherits directly from QIODevice.

QAbstractSocket looks like the abstraction we want , but for some reason QLocalSocket does not inherit from QAbstractSocket, which seems weird to me. Maybe we can change that for Qt 6.

Alternative approach: remove QTCPSocket codepath completely. It was only used for when (K|Q)LocalSocket wasn't supporting Windows. KLocalSocket can then be killed

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