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@adridg @neofytosk: can you provide a short bio and image for https://ev.kde.org/corporate/board.php please?


Adriaan de Groot

Adriaan encountered KDE in 1999 and has been involved in various roles ever since. He served on the board of KDE e.V. 2006-2011, and participated in KDE PIM development, FreeBSD porting, Solaris porting, the creation of the English Breakfast Network (for code-quality checking) and api.kde.org. He can usually be found in the Netherlands and works for Blue Systems as the maintainer of Calamares, the independent Linux System Installer as well as doing contract work for Free Software projects.


Neofytos Kolokotronis

Neofytos has been a contributor to FOSS and Open Data/Government projects for nearly a decade, serving from a variety of positions. He joined KDE a couple of years ago via the Promo team, however when the KDE goal he proposed on "Streamlined Onboarding of new contributors" was voted by the community, he had to turn his full attention to leading it and pushing for achieving its objectives. He is also an elected member of the e.V.'s Financial Working Group.

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Done :)