Define SPDX License identifier exception for KDE e.V. Exception
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Much framework code uses the LGPL-2.1 or LGPL-3 license together with the KDE e.V. exception, which allows the e.V. membership to define a possible successor of LGPL-3 (in case it ever will be published, see KDE Licensing Policy). SPDX provides a registry of exceptions for the respective licenses.
We have to define the identifier and get it listed on SPDX.

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FYI: Ticket created on for LGPL-2.1 or later or approved by the membership of the KDE e.V.:

FYI: I am working on a licensing policy update draft (early draft, input welcome!) that tries to split the KDE licensing requirements from the technical act and moreover introduces REUSE compatible license statements as the preferred way of stating licensing information:

License Policy was updated to allow and prefer SPDX identifiers:

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