Publish KDE Connect to the Windows Store
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KDE Connect needs to be on the Windows Store, as part of a GSoC 2019 project milestone. We should package it and upload it to the KDE Community's account on the Microsoft Store.


  • maintainer/team agrees
  • package is ready
  • some testing has been done
  • icons in 44x44 and 150x150
  • optional icons 310x150 and 310x310
  • screenshots
  • description
  • feature description (multiple: tag like)
brute4s99 triaged this task as Normal priority.

so we have Jenkins ready to build .Appx packages for us now, thanks to @bcooksley :

but the builds are not successful yet. We need to land this patch to have the builds done right :

After that, we should have the .Appx packages signed by the official KDE e.V key, ready for sideloading by users (with Developer Access) until we publish the app on the Windows Store! 🏓

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reference patch : (merged already)

the builds are successfully being built on the CI now. We just need to iron out the kinks so it actually works like it should, on all systems.

If there is a build you think is publishable, will help you to get that done.