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When new single-board computers are released (e.g. the RockChip FireFly, or the SyFive RISC-V, or a new Raspberry Pi) there is an activity called board bring-up which means getting both the low-level bits and the high-level bits running, so that there is an acceptable KDE Plasma experience on that board. Elements of board bring-up are:

  • u-boot configuration to find the hardware (with EFI even on ARM this is becoming less involved)
  • kernel configuration for whatever devices there are
  • KMS & DRM configuration (arguably part of kernel)
  • X11 or Wayland configuration
  • Plasma performance tuning

This task is a parent to specific board bring-ups that the KDE community is involved with. Specific boards and projects can be added as sub-tasks. That way, we end up with documentation on what is done and what needs to be done to get KDE Plasma running on specific boards, and SBC's in general.

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adridg created this task.Feb 8 2019, 12:25 PM


Although Olimex Teres I is similar to Pinebook, the kernel has to be recompiled and used with proper devite tree. For example, Olimex image xenial-teres-bspkernel-20190121_144941_EET-1_hdmi_out_v1_5.img is with 3.10.104-teres and sun50i-a64-teres.dtb.

While porting, for debugging of the bootloader and the kernel, TERES-USB-DEBUG is convenient. Alternatively for DIY enthusiasts USB to UART module could be combined with audio jack and jumper wires. The steps to enabled serial communication are described in the README from the following GitHub repo:

Best regards, Leon

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Using Olimex's image xenial-teres-bspkernel-20190121_144941_EET-1_hdmi_out_v1_5.img with kde neon pinebook rootfs the laptop boots and ends on login where live/live doesn't work. I've checked /etc/passwd and it doesn't have live user, root password is not live. So we need to know kde neon pinebook root password.

Today I have tried some ideas:
a) kde neon pinebook image with /boot from teres_armbian_v1.0_preliminary image - here I am getting ddr3 errors and the image doesn't boot.
b) the opposite teres_armbian_v1.0_preliminary image(which is 4.20 mainline) with kde neon pinebook rootfs - this goes through several failures of services like Network Name Resolution, Hostname Service, Snappy daemon and then into infinite loop on Starting/Stopped Simple Desktop Window Manager.

It seems the armbian image as partitioning is closer to the kde neon pinebook image but kernel is completely different(3.10 vs 4.20).

We need a way to build the KDE Neon on non-desktop image like the Teres's Armbian Stretch image.


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