Keeping track of download times for more reliable time estimates.

Authored by lancaster on Nov 5 2019, 6:23 AM.


Keeping track of download times for more reliable time estimates.

This revision adds a download timer to keep track of how long image downloads take, a method to estimate the download time of images based upon calculations of the previous download times during this session, and updates to the code to use the estimated download time. It achieves the following:

  1. Download times are now included in the countdown timer below the round progress dial on the Summary screen, but not in the round progress dial exposure time.
  2. Download times are now included in the total estimated time on the summary screen, so that it is a more realistic time estimate for the completion of the sequence.
  3. The download time remaining is now shown in the Capture module in place of the exposure time during a download.
  4. Download times and the average download time are printed to the log at the bottom of the capture module for the user's reference (this may be changed in the future).

Test Plan:
Take an exposure, it should tell you how long it took to download. If you take a few, the average should be updated each time to include the new times.

After the first image, the estimated download time has a value so that the next time an image is taken, in the Capture module it should display the amount of time remaining in the download after the exposure is complete. That time should decrease in 100 ms intervals until the image has downloaded.

Start a sequence. On the summary screen, the estimated download time should be included in the countdown clock underneath the image time progress dial. The progress dial however should show only the exposure time left. The estimated download time should also be included in the time for the sequence and the overall time to completion for more accurate timing.

Please verify that the changes to the estimated download time help the Scheduler and don't cause any problems for it. I would expect that a more realistic time estimate would help the scheduler, but I don't use it that often and I have not worked with that code so I don't know.

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mutlaqjaNov 5 2019, 6:23 AM
Differential Revision
D25138: Keeping track of download times for more reliable time estimates.
R321:9a734d1e7ff7: Handle guiding problems during dithering