Add syntax highlighting for TypeScript & TypeScript React

Authored by nibags on Nov 24 2018, 4:24 PM.


Add syntax highlighting for TypeScript & TypeScript React

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, therefore, it use JavaScript highlighting, adding some features and built-in classes and functions. It is based on the official TextMate grammar files:

The TypeScript React highlighting adds support for tags, such as XML.

Also, some modifications are made to the JavaScript & JavaScript React:


  • The shebang is corrected, empty lines are no longer allowed before the shebang.
  • Add missing keywords.
  • Add rule to highlight "default" in switch conditions.
  • Add operator: "=>".
  • The "FindComments" & "FindStrings" contexts are created, which is used by typescript.xml.

JavaScript React:

  • Fix shebang.
  • Fix: add Doxygen comments.
  • Other minor changes.

Depends on D17085

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