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A few ideas for some potential designs for the brush editor. Designed to save space and be customizable. Trying to solve a few existing problems with the existing brush editor.

Similar to the current UX, but would save quite a bit of trouble. Especially the ability:

  • to better browse through presets, in the same way as with the presets docker,
  • to keep the editor detached and on top, would make it much more convenient to design brushes
tokiedian added a subscriber: tokiedian.EditedNov 15 2016, 5:22 PM

I prefer Alternate Condensed Layout v2 because we have to condense its width higjly and make its height variable in order to fit it into a docker (It is width that decide space requirement of dockers in most cases.)
And "Save Brush Window" is a truly brilliant idea! It satisfies most of our requirement, and, abave all, we could implement it with a minimum change. It would be better than my idea of Brush Icon Library M79 which would need drastic changes of structure of program...

I have a diff for review moving some of the settings to their own area, mostly Precision and the eraser switch options. There is still quite a bit of work left for the stacked brushes getting implemented in this, so I might take a break from condensing it more until the stacked brushes get added. I have a feeling there will need to be some discussion on that first before more condensing gets done.

With what I have done so far (currently only in master), the brush editor is already starting to get more modular and take up less space. I think the next thing that eventually needs to be done with this area is to remove the brush thumbnail area from the scratch pad and update how brushes are saved. That is probably the most confusing thing right now with this for new people.