Hide progress info for rename jobs in rename dialog

Authored by broulik on Jan 31 2017, 3:52 PM.



When mass-renaming files, you could end up with a a gazillion notifications of a finished move job. This fixes this. Ideally we would have one job which had the rename jobs as subjobs to still get progress info for the overall task.

Test Plan

David, is there a way to group those individual jobs somehow?

Created a folder with 400 files, Ctrl+A, F2, Enter a new name, hit apply.

No more 400 notifications that scroll through for literally half an hour.

Was complained about in http://www.pro-linux.de/news/1/24408/comm/602672/benachrichtigungen-im-panel-zum-teil-leider-unbrauchbar.html (for that dick move of "will bitch about it but not gonna report a bug for a an edge use case nobody tried" I probably shouldn't have done this but then I'm too much of a good guy)

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The diff is somehow corrupted ...

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Ah ok submitting my previous comment fixed it (don't know what happened) :)

Looks good, thanks for fixing!
Yeah a overall progress bar would be nice indeed.

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To answer the question: yes you can group them, create a KCompositeJob around these jobs.
The subjobs should indeed get HideProgressInfo while the main job would emit progress - based on the progress.
The resulting MultiRenameJob class could stay in Dolphin or go into KIO.