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I am culprit of the original english "webtech-based", which might not be a good term, just done in lack of better quick ideas.

Then kmarkdownwebview is to be deprecated soon in favour of markdownpart, that addition should just help to tell the two apart.

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What about the term web-based, bzw. Web-basiert? Seems common to me. Or does it not fit here?

What about the term web-based, bzw. Web-basiert? Seems common to me. Or does it not fit here?

That might be interpreted as doing the rendering using some web service?

Hmm, maybe it is not important what kind of tech is involved?

Also, nur um das klar zu stellen. Ich sperre mich hier nicht, sondern wollte nur ein bisschen nachhaken.
Mir fällt spontan nichts besseres ein, also immer rein damit. :)

The technology used is what makes up the difference between markdownpart KPart & kmarkdowwebview KPart. The first uses plain QTextDocument with its native Markdown support (Qt>= 5.14), the latter uses QWeb* and some JS library to render the markdown as HTML inside the webpage container. Otherwise both variants are almost the same feature-wise

And the web technology comes with some big footprint of pulling in the whole QWeb* library (and risks being run in a webpage container using rather lagging code variants of chrome/webkit). Though potentially the markdown support might be still better.

Sadly i have had no time to explore the full depth here, I wrote the code just as enabler, otherwise I would agree that implementation details should be hidden and we should just describe what the user actually experiences. So adding the note "webtech-based" was the minimum I could do with resources available, and have to leave it to readers to derive what this means in features and dependencies.

Ideally the markdownpart would be the successor of kmarkdowwebview, given there is now native Qt support. That's why I kept the names and descriptions of both kparts pretty similar. But some people might still prefer the old one for their markdown flavor/variant needs not yet covered by QTextDocument. So both would be kept alive for some time, and thus there is the need for some differentiation

Thanks for giving this some thoughts, it is my pain point here. But also no better idea still. So will just go with this for now. Luckily this is nothing set in stone for eternity :)

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