Add ability to configure volume step percentage in KMix UI

Authored by kurmikon on Mon, May 11, 5:43 PM.



Kmix users are requesting this feature from years.

It was added inside the text config, but Plasma is a graphical desktop environment, so why not adding it inside gui config also?

Test Plan

Added a label and a spinbox.

If accepted, I will translate in my language.

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Happy for there to be a GUI for the volume step. It doesn't work everywhere (e.g. it should also apply to clicks on the the system tray volume slider), and it would be nice if a restart of KMix was not required, but those can be fixed later. Please see inline comments.


Consistent indentation


Consistent indentation


Could the volume step widget be moved to below the volumeFeedbackWarning message, so that if the message is shown it does not give the impression that the volume step only applies to PulseAudio.


"... for the Volume Step and..."


Consistent indentation

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I will check it out when have time.

For click on the volume slider I will see if some adjustment can be done. Maybe it can be discussed in separate revision. This was intended to expose only the VolumePercentageStep setting (already present in the code and text config) inside the UI.

For applying the changes without restarting, with my knowledge I'm afraid to be not able to do anything.

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Corrected indentation (I was seeing it good, but atom fills 4 spaces by default while original code used tabs).

Moved spinbox below volume feedback warning.

Maybe in another revision I'll check slider steps.

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@kurmikon: do you have commit access?

@kurmikon: do you have commit access?

No, I don't think so.

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