Rename dialog displays also source file information
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Authored by papoteur on Wed, Feb 5, 10:01 PM.


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This patch is for solving:
Bug 403146 - Extracting suggests replacement file with info of destination file
I have tested with ark 19.04.0. It allows to have size and date of the source file from the archive, not the destination information.
The modifications are :

  • call overwriteQuery with the entry, not only the entry name.
  • overloading the overwriteQuery to accept the entry.
  • in case of call with query, call renameDialog with the name without formatting it with fromLocalFile, and adding date and size of the source, read from entry.

When QUrl is not a local file in renameDialog, displayed value are from the parameters passed with the call.

BUG: 403146
FIXED-IN: 20.04

Test Plan

Create an archive.
Modify a file which copy is in the archive
Open it with ark, extract the archive at the same location. A dialog opens to replace the file. At left, the information (date, size) should be the information before modification, and at right, from the modified file.
Extract or not.

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Nice first patch @papoteur , seems good to me.
Great on you pushing through your patch to phabricator.

Please fix the few formatting issues.
Then we leave the final say to Ark maintainer @elvisangelaccio


indentation seems wrong here.


A space too much


Please remove this unneeded end space



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This patch has corrections for comments.

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Btw, You can mark the comment you treated as "Done" in phabricator, it it eases the review work.

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Btw, You can mark the comment you treated as "Done" in phabricator, it it eases the review work.

This is what I have done, by ticking the checkbox. Is there something else to do? Do you need to update the page?
I'm not comfortable with the interface and the process. I wonder if the patch is integrated in a test build.

What also confuses me is that bugzilla and phabricator each require their own identity.