[KCM] remove the page indicator dots

Authored by ngraham on Oct 17 2019, 1:50 PM.


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Now that D24687 has landed, settings pages are switched between using the combobox,
making the page indicator dots redundant. We can remove them to save some space and
improve the appearance a bit.

CCBUG: 413014


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no-more-dots (branched from Plasma/5.17)
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I would prefer they stay in. It's a swiping sliding view, they do no harm.
Also I'm having trouble with the ComboBox right now, please hold this for now.


However once you deem the combobox perfectly reliably I would like to remove these. They're redundant; their function is to give you a clickable method to change a swipe view's pages, but you've added a combobox which already provides that. We don't need two such methods.

Alright, convinced. See D24735

D24735 just landed; can you and or @romangg approve this if you're okay with it?

I agree with Kai that the dots should stay.

But Kai changed his mind after reading https://phabricator.kde.org/D24734#549029 :-)

I didn't change mine. And I have mentioned it multiple times before and explicitly in the review request to add the combobox: I see the combobox only as an intermediate solution. By that we have now two different ways of selecting outputs, one through the graphical view and one with the combobox instead of only one.

Longterm the combobox should go away and all outputs disabled and enabled, replicas or not, should be selectable in some way through the graphical view. In this case the dots are valuable for giving an indication on how many outputs there are, which one is selected and you can switch through all of them one by one without searching them in the graphical view.

I guess we actually have three ways to switch the settings view:

  • Click on screen in the visualization (currently broken for some use cases)
  • Use the combobox
  • Click on one of the page indicator dots

Of these three, I think the dots are by far the least user-friendly. They're tiny click targets, don't look like interactive UI elements, and are information-poor. In the days since Plasma 5.17's release, we've already gotten multiple complaints about the dots. If we need to remove any of these three methods of switching views later, my preference would be to remove the dots, not the combobox.

VDG feedback may be useful here.

I don't think the complaints are about the dots, it's a complaint that they're the only means of accessing disabled outputs (discount swiping), which is rectified by the combo box.

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I guess this isn't very popular.