Warn before opening 5+ translation files

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The context menu of a folder node in th Summary view of Lokalize
allows openning all the container files.

While this can be useful, accidentally selecting this option on the root
node of a large project (e.g. KDE translations) can be troublesome.

I’ve ripped off Dolphin’s approach for the same issue here: if more than
5 items are about to be opened, ask for user confirmation first.

I’ve used Dolphin’s limit (5), but I’m open to using a higher value for

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I tested the changes manually.

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I think that is better to add the reason why the warning appears.

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Could you ellaborate? Maybe suggest an alternative text you would like?

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i >= 5, other KDE apps, for example Dolphin takes it into account

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You use a KMessageBox::warningYesNo() dialog box. Note that the KDE Human Interface Guidelines strongly recommend avoiding this (https://hig.kde.org/components/assistance/message.html):

Buttons should clearly indicate the available options using action verbs (“Delete”, “Rename”, “Close”, “Accept”, etc.) and allow the user to make an informed decision even if they have not read the message text. Never use “Yes” and “No” as button titles.

(The rest of the recommendations for modal dialogs are also worth reading and following.)

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Never mind, it is > 5,

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@huftis Any suggestion for the button names? Would “Open” and “Cancel” work?

Also, should I replace “item” with “file” in the dialog, since you cannot open folders with Lokalize?


I actually copy-pasted the code from Dolphin :)

@huftis Any suggestion for the button names? Would “Open” and “Cancel” work?

Also, should I replace “item” with “file” in the dialog, since you cannot open folders with Lokalize?

Yes, call them “files”. Here’s a suggestion (which can probably be improved):

You are about to open 123 files. Opening a large number of files at the same time can make Lokalize unresponsive. Are you sure you want to open the files?

          Open All 123 Files | Cancel

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Should we use something other than 5? I copied it from Dolphin, but I believe for Lokalize it should be a higher value. 10? 20?

Applied changes based on the HIG-related suggestions

Also increased the required number of files from 5 to 50. In my PC,
Lokalize takes about 0.1 second per file, so with 50 I hope to warn
before an action that may take more than 10 seconds in a PC twice as
slow as mine, in line with the 10 second rule at

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