Add subseq operator to match sub-sequences

Authored by michaeleden on Jun 22 2018, 5:18 AM.



Added subseq and ~subseq operators which match subsequences of strings.
This is useful to filter out matches quicker:

$ ktraderclient5 --constraint "'libremath' ~subseq Name" --servicetype 'Application' --short
servicetype is : Application
constraint is : 'libremath' ~subseq Name
got 1 offers.
Test Plan

I'll need help knowing where tests for this will go.

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I'm confused, what's the difference with subin?

@dfaure if a user was trying to find LibreOffice 6.0 Writer

with subin they would have type libre to narrow it down to LibreOffice programs, then libreoffice 6.0 writer to get to that application.
with subseq they can type libre to get to LibreOffice programs but then just have librewrite match with LibreOffice 6.0 Writer

This is related to Bug 262837

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Nothing is being modified, so this should use constBegin(), constEnd(), and const_iterator.


This code (the actual algorithm) should be extracted into a function, and a unittest should be written for it (to make sure all corner cases are correctly handled).

Good opportunity to document the kind of matching being done, too, as you had to explain to me in this review request.

And then once this commit is in, it should be documented on, please remember to do so.

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Respond to @dfaure comments by adding tests and separating subseq func

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Perfect, thanks!

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@dfaure I don't believe I have permission to edit the wiki, can I make a revision against it somehow? Nevermind, just had to make an account.

dfaure added a comment.Jul 8 2018, 9:40 PM

Ah, so you don't have a developer account, which means you can't push this commit either, and I should do it for you?

Well, you could also apply for a developer account ;) (I hope it's still accurate).

I'm tagging 5.48 today though, is there a rush to get this in, or can it wait for 5.49?

michaeleden added a comment.EditedJul 8 2018, 10:21 PM

@dfaure you can land it its no problem. I'm also not in a rush to get it into 5.48 or anything (Bug 262837 is from 2011).
I have a few diffs in review, I think I'll apply for a dev account since I'd like to keep doing this stuff.

Actually D13988 is needed to get this functionality into krunner anyway, and that won't go in today. So it's no rush.

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