Don't be clever about program termination.
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Authored by ahartmetz on Apr 5 2016, 10:16 PM.



Don't be clever about program termination.

This fixes hangs with current Qt 5.6.

Calling exit() with a QApplication around is not something you
should do. It used to work before Qt 5.6, but currently doesn't
work - it will hang the the main thread. While this should and
maybe will be fixed in Qt, let's also stop taking the risk.
The cause of the hangs seems to be something in the threaded DBus
handling new in Qt 5.6 and involves destructors of global statics.

The signal handler thing is even more risky. There is a concept
of signal handler safe operations, and anything calling into Qt
is probably not a signal safe operation.

Test Plan

You need to be running Qt 5.6. Run kactivitymanagerd in any way and see that it won't terminate. Or just just look at the list of processes in your session.

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Sorry, I missed this one.

Can you try whether the latest master works as expected?

p.s. When you submit patches, please do not reformat the code - it makes reading the diff really difficult (pun not intended), and 'arc diff' can easily fail.

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p.p.s. The 'smart' termination was an attempt to fix the 'Qt SQL has no idea how to properly deinitialize on termination bug' :)