Add context menu for transform tools to change type

Authored by scottpetrovic on May 9 2018, 9:36 PM.


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This patch just adds a context click for the transform tool. it is just a faster way to change types of transforms.

This idea came about after I got back from the last anime convention. I was talking to a few artists and they said they like Krita...except the fact that the transform tool only does scale and rotation, and not warp, perspective, etc.

I notifed them Krita has this, but it is in the Tool Options. They were expecting that right clicking would show them the other options on the transform tool.

I thought this patch would be good for 'discoverability' of these different transform types for people that don't realize there are tool options. They would still need the tool options to use these features to their full potential.

It isn't meant to reproduce all the functionality. I started going down that rabbit hole, but the menu was going to get more and more complex if I would want to recreate all the options that the tool options had.

Test Plan

Changed between the transform types and used it. Made sure they functioned as if I clicked the normal type button in the tool options.

The only transform type that needs the tool options to really do something is the cage tool, so you can't really apply something with only using the right click menu. Depending on how people use this, we might have to tweak it later.

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The patch looks and works perfectly well! :) Please fix the duplicated semicolons and push :)

Proposal for more context menu actions:

  1. Mirror horizontally/vertically
  2. Rotate: CW, CCW, 180deg
  3. Apply/Cancel

These actions were demanded by the users looooong ago :)


Beware semicolons! They tend to occupy space extensively! ;)

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.May 10 2018, 4:45 PM

patch pushed out!

I added some additional actions like you requested for some of the free transform options: mirroring and rotating. They will only appear in the menu if the free transform is active.