make kdesu available in bindir and thus $PATH by default (opt-out)

Authored by sitter on Feb 15 2018, 1:45 PM.



as recently mused over on the plasma-devel list. nobody really knows
why it's not installed to bindir and at the same time various
distributions manually symlink it there because they think it is useful.
from a scripting POV it certainly makes more sense to have the tool in bin
as libexec may not be easily resolvable (32bit vs 64bit vs architecture
triplets on various distributions).

by default we'll now symlink kdesu to the bindir under the name kdesu5
(so as to not conflict with kdelibs4's kdesu).

this feature can be opted out of by setting KDESU_SYMLINK=OFF

Test Plan
  • cmake && make && make install DESTDIR=x
  • ls -l x/usr/local/bin/kdesu5
  • symlinks correctly
  • cmake -DKDESU_SYMLINK=OFF && make && make install DESTDIR=y
  • ls -l y/usr/local/bin/kdesu5
  • doesn't exist

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Currently targeting 5.12 but I am not too sure that is an entirely suitable change. Input welcome.

(so as to not conflict with kdelibs4's kdesu).

I don't think you need to care about conflicts with kde-runtime at this point. There is no reason why on a Plasma-5 system the old binary should be present as it works like a drop-in replacement.

Yeah, it costs us nothing to use a 5 suffix though and it is more consistent with the other bins. If someone says bin/kdesu as a name is more useful to them I am not opposed to dropping the suffix though.

(also I just checked and we even had kdesu in libexec of kde-runtime at least towards its later versions, so any conflict potential is probably distribution-specific to begin with)

fvogt added a subscriber: fvogt.Feb 28 2018, 10:26 AM

The thread on diverged into a discussion about kdesu at some point and
it should not be available in PATH.

This isn't something for the 5.12 branch in any case.

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