Iron Hand
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Overall Idea

This is a plan to improve KA.

Right now in KA we have the ppa-build-status script, the very new ka-graph script and kubuntu-retry-builds which recently added support to display graphs pointing the packages being rebuilt. These 3 scripts have something in common: they need to retrieve the information from launchpad for a complete package set of frameworks/plasma/apps; getting this information takes a lot of time, so this ongoing operation called "Iron Hand" is about providing a program called 'ka-iron-hand' which would retrieve the information for Launchpad and would be able to do any or all of these things:

  • Draw graphs (proposed-migration, build status, general status)
  • Render status webpages, like that one provided by ppa-build-status
  • Retry builds, providing logs in text and graphs (kubuntu-retry-builds added support for this recently)
  • Provide a filtered update-excuses webpage showing only KDE packages
  • Provide an installability status report

Current status

  • Drawing graphs : the retry-builds graph doesn't work yet and we don't have the general status ones
  • Render status webpages: nothing done yet
  • Retry builds: nothing done yet
  • Provide a filtered update-excuses webpage: created a 'grep-excuses' module; it could be used both for this feature and to improve the proposed-migration graph
  • Provide an installability status report: nothing done yet

Implemetation progress


  • Design and create the configuration system: file structure and code to read it
  • Create an initial implementation of class KAIronHand, supporting graph drawing
  • Provide a webpage with the current ka-iron-hand reports:
  • Complete the default configuration - they are some missing profiles
  • Add logging feature - the text file log must be configurable
  • Allow to consider only a specific set of architectures
  • Import the build status page of tritemio in KA (this is also related to the Kraken operation)
  • Create a grep_excuses module to parse the excuses webpage. As a side effect there's now in KA a program called 'ka-grep-excuses' which would be useful to test this module.
  • The proposed migration graph suports "update excuses" states
  • Add a page showing what versions we have where - see:


  1. Add support for retrying builds to ka-iron-hand (also note that the current retry_builds graphs are an alias for build_status ones, this must be fixed in the future)
  2. Create a KABuildLogParser class which would be used by the general status graphs
  3. Start to use the KABuildLogParser for the tritemio build status page to test ths code with real data (this is also related to the Kraken operation)
  4. Use KAIronHand in ka-graph and kubuntu-retry-builds, de-duplicating code to login into launchpad, retrieve package statuses and draw graphs
  5. Use jinja templates for the tritemio build status page, so we could then test and re-use it for the Iron Hand.
  6. KCI graphs?
  7. Use the cache for, see what ppa-build-status does

Graphs issues/wishlist

  1. Mark the packages with autopkgtests in progress in dark blue
  2. Mark the valid candidates in green
  3. The build status graph still doesn't deal well with binary-NEW packages
  4. The graphs doesn't mark the packages with incorrect versions



The default configuration embedded in the Kubuntu Automation code is in conf/ironhand_defaultrc; you may override these default settings making your own custom configuration file located at ($HOME/.ka-iron-hand.conf)


Once you have configured the program it can be executed just typing 'ka-iron-hand' in your shell; you also may add a line like this to your /etc/crontab if you want to run the program each 15 minutes:

0-59/15 * * * * user    /home/user/ka/ka-iron-hand
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