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This is about improving and documenting Santa's 'tritemio' private infrastructure so other developers could replicate its installation and use it for home-made test rebuilds. This would be useful for packaging and Kubuntu Automation maintenance. It could be also used for the new CI, see the Operation Mechanical Octopus

There is a WIP setup guide maintained here:
It's written in Sphinx.

There is also a WIP git repository with most of the needed configuration files and scripts to follow the steps explained in the guide:

Implementation progress


Kubuntu Automation needed features:

  • Make configurable for 'tritemio-build-status':
    • Host name providing the Wannabuild PostgreSQL database
    • Port for the Wannabuild PostgreSQL database
    • User name for the Wannabuild PostgreSQL database
    • Database name for the Wannabuild PostgreSQL database
    • Password (if any) for the Wannabuild PostgreSQL database
    • Local path where the build logs are stored
    • Architecture set; default = amd64, i386
  • Create a new script 'tritemio-remove' to clean up old packages from reprepro
  • Create a new 'gbp-tritemio' script, similar to 'gbp-ppa', but this one would retrieve the latest package revision from the Wannabuild PostgreSQL database configured above.
  • Update all containers to bionic


  • Update guide current contents for bionic
  • Finish the last part of the setup guide.

Kubuntu Automation needed features:

  • Create a new script 'tritemio-clean-logs' to remove old unused logs.
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