Black Operations
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Operations to improve Kubuntu. They usually start as semi-secret operations while the developer[s] working on it didn't have time to mature the idea enough to discuss it publicly. However, with time, they would become increasingly more public.

This page vs our task board

While our task board documents individual tasks, the purpose of this page is documenting related tasks which are part of a bigger plot, thus, you won't be in a "the trees don't let you see the forest" situation and you will be able to see the big picture.

Active Operations

OperationStatusShort description
CoherenceWIPMerge KA and Kubuntu Dev Tools into a single project
Iron HandWIPImprove KA providing a program named ka-iron-hand meant to replace ppa-build-status with something better.
KrakenWIPProvide a set up guide to replicate the 'tritemio' infrastructure
HourglassResearchingTry to move some autopkgtests execution to debian/rules, in order to improve the time to get it done @ the official infra
Mechanical OctopusResearchingReplace our current CI with something better, based on KA instead of a bespoke ruby tooling
SphinxWIPThis is about using Sphinx for some of our documentation and reworking KA's internal API with OOP
PyramidWIPReplace dhmk with dh and bump debhelper compat level to 11
Emerald LakeWIPAdd support for Qt in Kubuntu Automation.
Virtual PIMResearchingAdopt virtual package changes from Debian's kdepim packages

Possible future operations

OperationShort description
Blue BoxThis is about doing some QA checks to make sure our libraries don't violate Debian's Policy section 8
Iron Hand IIThis could be about converting the Iron Hand into a django webpage
AccuracyMake Kubuntu's packaging compatible with sbuild's aptitude resolver
Persian BazaarImprove KA support for packages which are not part of frameworks/plasma/applications.
AirbagMake KA safer to use in case of wrong usage.
SpectrumDevelop scripts for detecting file movements from one package to another.
OutcomeMaking the process to accept Kubuntu Developers better
RubiconCreate an API for tritemio to access build statuses and such.
The Jackal(Classified)

Completed operations

OperationShort description
SliceReplacing the old monolithic scripts in KA with various UNIX-like split commands
Fir TreeMake KA packages and releases
AppStore-16.12Try to get KDE Applications 16.12 in Zesty Artful
Qt 5.9 TransitionPrepare our KDE packaging to deal with the Qt 5.9 transition
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