Gamut masking: saving mask in the .kra file
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In traditional media, the artist would create a dedicated premixed palette based on a gamut mask (new or reused) for every artwork.

In Krita, there is no need for a premixed palette, the artist can work straight from the color selector with the mask applied. For that, the artist needs to know which mask was used when last working on a document and it's parameters.

A solution is to assign the gamut mask with the parameters to the document.

Feature workflow
The artist stores currently selected mask to active document. The stored mask can be changed or unlinked from the document.

The mask is reapplied upon opening the document.

When switching view, if the document in the view has a mask assigned, the mask is applied to selectors, if not, the previous mask is disabled in the selector.

Restoration of selector settings
The color selectors save their color model within the .kra file. The color model is set with the mask upon opening the document, to ensure color consistency.

  • Should there be a setting for it somewhere? In the selector?
  • How does the artist revert the change if she doesn’t like it?

Technical stuff
The mask resource is embedded in the KRA file. While the document is in the current view, it is present in the resource server.

Selector settings are saved in the XML (color model).