[Akonadi Console] DB Console improvements
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The DB Console tab is a very powerful tool that we use very often but is annoying to use at times.

It would be nice if the query could be executed by pressing Ctrl+Enter or similar shortcut while in the query editor - right now the only way to execute the query is to click on the button on the right.

We would also like to have a small repository of the most common queries - we often find ourselves executing the same queries over and over with just minor changes (like different IDs etc.). It would be nice to have a small list of common queries displayed in the tab that we would just double-click and it would open the query in the edit field where we would only edit the details and could run it. The list of queries should probably be editable within Akonadi Console.

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dvratil created this task.Aug 16 2018, 8:50 PM
dkurz added a subscriber: dkurz.Oct 11 2018, 2:58 PM

Discoverability trumps ;-)

Also, tabs are saved on closing and automatically restored, so you might just want to keep a tab for each frequently issued query. User experience of that tab is still questionable though.