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The fileitemactionplugin enables users to send files by right-clicking them in Dolphin.
This currently does not work on folders.
One could take all files in a folder and send them individually or zip them and unzip on the remote device again.
Ideally the directory structure would be preserved.
To make it simple at first one could exclude subfolders.

Requires changes in: SharePlugin on Desktop and possibly Android, fileitemactionplugin
Requires some research about how Dolphin works regarding fileitemactionplugins

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I'd like to take this beginner task.

Great to hear that!

First make sure you have built both desktop and Android app from git. You find a tutorial on how to build desktop using KDevelop here

I'll get started and ping back once I've made some progress or if I have some questions. Is there a KDE Connect IRC/Slack/discord channel for when I have questions or is the mailing list the only mode of communication?

@abhate We have a Telegram group which we use for chatting about KDE Connect development:

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How's it going, do you need any help?

@abhate , are you still working on this task? If not I would like to take it because I am working on something similar

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Since I wrote the original task description a few things changed. The file sharing in Dolphin is now handled via Purpose. ATM the Share menu isn't shown for folders. Adding that is trivial, but special care is needed that the other share options in Purpose handle sharing a folder gracefully.

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Releasing this task for now

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Conversion of a directory to a tar file implemented on the pc, Extraction on the android device is remaining