Improve MPRIS support
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D10972 exposed Gwenview's slideshow as an MPRIS D-Bus object, which allows any MPRIS controller like KDE Connect or Plasma's media controller applet to remotely control various aspects of the slideshow, e.g. navigation, fullscreen, playback etc.

While basic functions work, there are various smaller and larger topics which could still be improved:

  • In fullscreen Browse mode, signal "Stopped" instead of "Playing/Paused".
  • Calling Raise should show the fullscreen toolbar on the top.
  • Quit should show the existing warning dialog if there are unsaved changes instead of exiting Gwenview immediately.
  • Implement handling of videos (length, position, playback etc.)
  • Signal updates to metadata changes.
  • Export other metadata where mapping works.
  • Pass along thumbnail cache URLs in order to display thumbnails in the controllers.
  • Implement LoopStatus.
  • "Playlist/Tracklist" support.
  • Evaluate and polish the Gwenview-specific user experience in the most popular controllers.

See D10972 for details on some of those points.